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4 Qualities to Look for in a Recruitment Consultant

A strong network of professional connections is the greatest asset for any career. The wider your network, the more support you will have available when you need it. Finding a great recruiting consultant is perhaps the most valuable connection you can make for future success. Here are some qualities you should look for in a recruiter to help ensure you get the best results from that relationship.



A job search is a very personal thing; it should be kept as discreet as possible. Getting help from a recruitment consultant is advisable. But there are thousands of headhunters plying their trade in the marketplace. So the most important question is, who you can trust?

At the top of my list of criteria to look for in a recruiter is honesty. Your prospective recruitment consultant should provide you with all the information that you need to feel comfortable. Can you trust the information they provide? A trustworthy consultant will not oversell a job, or the company’s profile. There always will be both pros and cons to every job opportunity that candidates must understand before making a move.

To give yourself the best chance of finding that dream job, you need a trusted partner. Someone who will provide honest advice, and suggestions about how to improve your chances.

A recruiter often will ask a lot of questions, seeking more information from you. Don’t be alarmed. They are looking for details that will help your profile stand out from the crowd. Give as much information to your consultant as possible. They will decide what information is suitable to pass on to an employer for a particular role.

Holistic service

Your consultant should assist you with all aspects of the job hunt. A good recruiter should coach you through the whole selection process: from resume preparation, attire and appearance, to body language, interview preparation and salary negotiation.

Because we review thousands of resumes each year, professional recruiters should have a keen eye to help you enhance your resume. This goes beyond language fluency. It’s important to build your personal brand and attract the attention of company management.

Your resume should cover all major responsibilities and key achievements. It should highlight skills and capabilities that relate to the job that you are applying for.

For more technical jobs, remember your resume may pass through the hands of some less technically sophisticated people; so, try not to be too technical. Don’t go overboard on the technical aspects. Be concise.

For some functions – such as architects, designers, advertising account executives, or other creative roles – the resume format will be taken into consideration (though it won’t carry as much weight as your portfolio). Portfolios need to be tailored to the company and the specific job. Study the brand identity of the company you want to join, and pick the right portfolio to present. Some brands are looking for mass production; others are looking for sensitivity and uniqueness.

Market-specific Expertise

How does it feel to talk to someone who speaks the same language? Communication is much easier, and doors will open when your audience understands your message 100%.

Specialist recruiters take years to establish expertise in specific fields. With just a short conversation, you should be able recognize if your recruiter is really an expert in your professional specialty. If you find a trustworthy recruitment consultant with expertise in your field, hold on to them tightly for the rest of your career! It makes communication easier, and the network of opportunities they provide will be expansive.

For example, my expertise is executive search in the engineering and manufacturing sectors, so I can provide great opportunities for executive-level and highly technical roles.

Specialist recruiters also have a wider perspective: we see long-term career paths, and can provide clear directions on how to take your career to the next stage. The best consultants take a long-term interest in your career development.

Long-Term Commitment

Beware of recruiting agents who are overly focused on the short term: this is a sales-driven business, and many recruiters are chasing immediate results. It is not uncommon for candidates to feel neglected after a placement is confirmed. The best consultants will always show they care by following up. They will invest the time that’s needed to be your lifelong career coach. They will always return your call.