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5 Must-Have Core Values for a Good Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment Consultant Hamster Wheel!

Someone once said, ” Being a Recruitment Consultant is like riding a roller coaster. You can go up and down with nowhere to end”. Or “it’s like a hamster in an exercise wheel, just getting nowhere”. From my 12 years of recruitment consultant life in Thailand, I cannot disagree with both statements. Both are right, but it doesn’t mean that this career is tiring or miserable otherwise, I and some of my peers would not survive this long. Riding a roller coaster and running on the exercise wheel is a joyful experience and it can be a good long-term career if you have these 5 key values.


Recruitment Consultant


First, trustworthiness is the no.1 value you should have in mind. All 3 companies I joined, share the same value which is integrity. If you don’t believe in integrity and trustworthiness, you cannot stay long in the industry.

Candidates and clients can quickly lose trust in you and bad news can spread quickly beyond what you can imagine. Most of the case, it also ruins the company reputation that’s why every company put this value in the top of their recruitment process and company value and the company also invests in training to build their consultants to be the trusted advisor. It can be trained but if ones don’t believe in this value, it’s a waste of resources and time to train.

Attentive Listening

Recruitment is also considered a sales job. A good salesperson is not one who has a great presentation and speaking skills but one who listens and understands what the clients want. It’s pointless to sell what your clients don’t want. Most of the cold calls can be ended within 10-20 seconds that we don’t have any hiring at the moment.

To continue the conversations, you should learn to ask good questions. On another side, candidates can also be your clients. When the new recruiters started the career, they tend to focus on selling the opportunity and matching candidates to a specific job rather than trying to understand what the candidates want and keep their profiles as their future pools.

Flexibility and fast learning.

Being the headhunter is an eye-opening experience. You can experience new careers that you never heard of, and have to find that niche skills in the market. In my 12th year, I even find a new profession every year. In my very first year, I was so excited when I heard the words Green Belt, Black Belt, Actuarial, homologation, etc. After that new words and new careers started to fill my career dictionary like Blockchain, Catalyst Researcher, Validation, on and on. This is another reason why is job keeps me excited all the time.

Not just the variety of careers in the world that you will have a chance to work on, the technology has been radically changed during the past 12 years. If you can’t keep pace with new technology and utilize it, you will not keep pace with your competitors.


Not every company can use a Recruitment Consultant Service so when they decide to use the service, the client always has high expectations in quality and it differentiates the top consultants from their peers in the market. Quality can be seen from well-selected profiles, presentation materials, advice for candidates and clients, communications, and small admin tasks.

Resilienceroller coaster

Every job has its ups and downs, the same as recruitment. There can be many incidents that demotivate your morale from time to time so having the ability to rise and has fate in yourself could bring you up and drive up to the high curve of a roller coaster!

For me 12 years on the roller coaster is still challenging and a pleasure. While I can provide people a new career and new life, my clients’ businesses are also expanding with a great workforce and talent. That’s the beauty of this career and fills my days with joy. Hope this could benefit new potential recruitment consultants or anyone interested in this career.

5 must-have Core Values for a Good Recruitment ConsultantArticle written by Nina Phinnipha Suriyong

Technical Recruitment Consultant at RLC Recruitment, RLC is expert in Technical Recruitment and helping clients to optimize your HR and Operational Cost from our various solutions such as recruitment, payroll, outsourcing, leave application, training, coaching, visa & work permit, 1-day recruitment campaign, recruitment project, outplacement, and etc.