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5 Tips to Successfully Land a Job, Post CoVid!

COVID has changed our lives totally and sadly caused many people out of jobs as many companies reduced hiring or even closed down from lack of sales and low consumption.

While now the hiring managers have more choices to select the best candidates in the job applications that’s make the interviews more competitive and harder to get the job you wish. Every action you do during the interview process counts and highly important. If you are one of the job seekers in this period, I have 5 tips for you to successfully get the job you wish for during this time.

1. Focus on your expertise

Thailand’s leading technical recruitment agencyExpertise and skills will be the core that the company is seeking for as it will ensure the best ROI in their hiring and the solutions for their business needs at that time. Every position is designed to solve certain problems and your expertise will do so. Before you start your job application, you should list out your best expertise and skills. Work on each skill how you excel it and of course, highlight it in your resume.

Expertise is also another aspect to guide you on which job you should apply to. If you are lucky to be in the niche market, your skills are somethings that other key players will not hesitate to take you into their team.

But if you wished to change your job to another field, you may need to work on your skills instead of expertise. Upskills and reskills are a must!

2. Know your weakness

When you work, you are always too busy with your daily work and push aside the most important thing which is yourself. Now you have all the time you wish for, reward yourselves with some self-development programs, work on skills that you may need for future jobs or even the new job market you wish you move to.

3. Less apply but the highest impact approach.

When people are finding a new job, a job board is the easiest way to go to. Job application is not a number of games where you hit high numbers and you would get a high return. On the contrary, you may get less feedback because when you sending an application to many jobs, it turns out that most of the applications you sent out are too generic and you may not stand out from the crowd. Pick a few jobs and companies you wish you join. Work on your application seriously, study the company details and corporate culture, customize your resume and cover letters accordingly, and do not afraid to follow up with related persons.

Think of an alternative way to look for a job rather than a job board. Put yourselves in the same environment as your new line managers will be there. Join a networking event, seminar, or conferences in your industry or event finding the speaking opportunities or references. Being active in branding yourselves in all channels as possible.

Thailand’s leading technical recruitment agency

4. Always be prepared

To what extend should the people prepare for the job application? Definitely not a 5-second peep on the company website. If you want to get that job, go to an extreme level. Find their success, their people, all news and information, stock details, markets, competitors, and partners, and even know their problems. As mention earlier that every job is designed to solve the company problem if you can show them from the first meeting that you are the solutions to those problems, so why not hire you?

One of my candidates did this in his interview and has 1 PowerPoint slide to present his suggestion project to the new employer without asking for. He was the only one who did that out of 4 candidates and guess what? He got the JOB!.

5. The first impression

The interview is not limited to the exact interview room you may sit in. It started from the very first second of the call, the first smile at the security gate or the reception area, make every second count.

Some of my candidates failed the interview from the unfriendly manner of a security guard, maids, and the Reception. So be mindful that all the interviewer will check with their colleagues before they even personally meet you. As you will be one of their co-workers, so they will pick the friendly peer to work with.

Find suitable outfits, makeup, or accessories that match the job you apply for. A suit may not always suitable for all jobs. So, the better you prepare yourself, then you will know and pick the right outfits for the interview.

I hope that these guidelines will help all the job seekers to win the job you aim for. Do your best and learn from every interview. There will be no failure, but things to learn for the best future.