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5 Tips Working from home parents, a challenging role for the office workers.

What a hectic world for you if you are working from home while you are also having kids who are struggling to log in to their online classes with a full-day class schedule. I have been through that as well. Covid has not just changed your life but also your work, your kid’s school, and also how you cope with all these stress conditions.

Life could be tougher for those with kids below grade 4. With their ages and skills, they will not have the capabilities to cope with different system login or failure. They need a close guardian. But if your schedule is full with the online meeting as well, how are you handle that. A single mom or dad could be much more overwhelmed.

Here are my five key tips I do when working from home personally.

1. Collaborate your schedule with your kids’ schedule as well as everyone else in your house. Try not to conflict the important meetings with the important subjects or live-classes that need your close support. I set my work station in the same room with my daughter’s desk so I can help her if she has any technical issues.

2. Set rules with your kids. Give them few responsibilities to handle such as keep up with their schedule and homework. Set the time. When they need to focus and when they can be relaxed. Which important meeting they cannot disturb you or if it’s a deal-breaking meeting, use a different room, lock the door and find someone else to take care of your kids temporally.

For the internal team meeting, I am more relaxing and let my daughter appeared in the Video sometimes. Kids can be exciting to meet other people virtually as well. The most important rule for our house is the daily briefing which I am consistently having a daily brief with my daughter to ensure that she keeps up with all homework and class topics.

3. Find friends or active in communities where you can update situations in both at work and school updates. Being active and exchanges news can keep you up to speed for all assignments and activities. It’s natural when you do many things at once, you may lose your concentration and could miss out on something. Being active parts of communities could help you follow all things you may miss. Daily catch up with your team at work is as important as the daily catch up with a school group.

4. Health is highly important. When you are working from home, you can be easily attached to your work and forgot about your health. Set the alarm to get up, stretching or refreshment. Daily exercise and healthy meals are something you should be serious about. I usually enjoy this time with my daughter that we spend time together exercising and making smoothies together. These activities can release stressed and engaging at the same time.

5. We are human beings, admit that. You can be stressed, overwhelmed, and even breakdown. Your self-caring time is much important as your work and your kids when working from home. Find your alone time and enjoy doing something you love and relax.

Works and school are both important but what much more important is the well-being of yourself and your kids mentally and physically. I hope some of these tips could be useful for those who are struggling with balancing between their works and parents’ duties.