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Do & Don’t in answering your reasons for leaving during the Interview Process

In every interview process, as the applicant, you may be asked “why do you want to leave your current job?” or “Why did you leave your xxx company?”. The questions are commons and usually used to verify various aspects such as Reliability, E-Q, and long-term stability. But lots of applicants are not successful in the interview because of this question. Here are quick tips that I have summarized.

Start with Don’t

First, do not mention money or benefits during the interview process, as it will come across that you are a money-motivator. Though money can bring us a better quality of life, it should not be the main focus in changing the job.

Second, do not mention anything negative about your current or previous jobs. No matter how bad you have gone through, focus on job roles, and leave out all emotional reasons.

4 Do to answer this question

First, clear positive reasons that make you decide to spend time in this interview process such as wider job scopes, the industry that you are keen to move to, and company mission & vision, or your career vision.

Second, focus on the job and the tasks on that job more than your personal reasons. Even though this job will make your life easier as it is near your house or near your kids’ school, do not make it the main reason. It can be a supportive reason of course but do not emphasize.

Third, answer the question precisely and keep it short with no emotion involve but still get the content as informative as it is. To be informative, you need to do your best preparation to understand the company direction, mission & Vision, challenges, and all possible information you can find. If there is something relevant to your career goals, it can be a good reason for you to move.

Forth, make sure that all the answers you provide maintain positive content. A positive mindset will always help you get the job. Now people try to recruit flexible mindset staffs as this quality will help in terms of development, collaboration, and innovation.

In conclusion, to present your reasons for leaving, you need to prepare yourselves and practices as best as you can. Though it may hard to make it positive if you have a very bad experience earlier. As one said, there are always two sides on the same coin. Try to think about what you have learned from those incidents and I hope you will find the positive sides to present it. For example, if you felt bored with your current job, the positive side is you felt that it’s time for you to find a new challenge and take a different job. So think about it before starting your job search how you will answer this question of each your job change. I’m sure you will be successful with your interview process.

Please feel free to email me if you come across of any challenge in your job finding or interviews or any related issues on your job search I am hear to help you on your career advice.