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Fintech and Recruitment

Fintech and Recruitment Keeps On Going

With the changes the world is going through as COVID continues to destroy economies worldwide there is an area of business that just continues to flourish – Fintech. In southeast Asia (SEA) alone Finch Capital, and MDI Ventures conducted research into the market and estimated that there are at least 10 Billion Dollars of unrealised value in venture capital-backed fintech start-ups in SEA.

For many years now both Fintech and recruitment have continued to grow, an example of this is a friend of mine who started a bitcoin company in South Korea, which became the first company in Asia to have a dedicated satellite television TV channel to the only bitcoin; he sold 10% of his shares and made a pretty penny.

Banks that were resistant to the e-wallet systems and cryptocurrency are now actively pursuing their own technology or investing in smaller companies. Apple Pay and Google Pay are rapidly expanding and people are now using e-wallets as their main way to pay for items rather than cash.

Just before the recent outbreak in Thailand, I spent my New Year in Phuket and I took my Dogs to the Dog Hotel. As I went to pay for their stay the lady flashed me a QR code, which I scanned and took the payment instantly. For customers it is very quick, they have an electronic record of transactions and for businesses, they don’t have to worry about checking their tills every day; it just makes life so simple.

In recruitment, that means we are able to develop a lot of business for Digital services. In order for these crypto, e-commerce, e-wallets, and Fintech companies to grow they need emerging and established talent to join their tech development teams to build the latest World Class software. This year alone I have had multiple inquiries from companies overseas that wish to set their tech development hubs in South East Asia and Thailand being their preferred destination.

Of course, talent is in high demand and short supply but the big change is that the client interview and decision-making process is a lot more rigorous as the risk of hiring the wrong person is taken a lot more seriously than it was before. So how can candidates improve their chances of landing their dream job? First of all, candidates must focus on their resume, this is after all which gets you past the first barrier. In your resume, it is important you list all the computer languages/ development tools, methodologies, tools, debugger domains, design patterns, and operating systems you have experience working with.

The second step is to not only use the Executive Summary as an overview of what you have done but a chance to share what you are passionate about doing. A lot of the best companies don’t hire tech talent based on what they have previously done it is more about attitude, willingness to challenge themselves, and what their plans are for the future.

Let’s see your Github!!! If you are a passionate developer then it is likely you learn alone or you have side projects, do not be afraid to show this in your resume.

Tailor your resume to the role that you are applying for; one resume does not fit every role. Maybe you are applying for a Tech Lead which requires PHP development skills but your main resume is highly focused on Python. You may have the PHP ability but it doesn’t stand out!

A short paragraph explaining why you moved to another company. For example, I decided to join this company as they were working with best-in-class software and the CTO was someone I could really learn from. In a traditional resume, you wouldn’t put this in but tech is different.

These are just some small hints and tips on how to sell yourself but it is equally important the client does that too. As a candidate, you should research the company that you are applying for and at the interview have a ton of questions ready to learn more, after all this is your life and you want to have as much information possible to make career change decisions. As a recruiter, I do the best I can to learn about a company and I am always happy to share this with my candidates; don’t be shy to ask! When I join RLC Recruitment, my manager Richard Jackson, said the list of questions I had was the longest he had ever seen.

In closing, tech is growing and there are so many great opportunities out there waiting to be taken, make 2021 your year!

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