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Future of Recruitment? The Rise of Remote and Contracted Work in Thailand

The COVID-19 Pandemic has majorly disrupted labor markets globally and Thailand is no exception; the traditional workforce is experiencing a major shift.

How do you think the future of the labor market will continue to change?

What is the future of recruitment in Thailand?

The Rise of Remote and Contracted Work, Tasks like face-to-face management meetings and client visits are able to be handled through the use of Video Technology. Emails and telecommunication have made work more flexible and helped people to work faster but during COVID-19 Pandemic, this reliance on technology has been pushed even further.

Today workers in Thailand have more options when it comes to creating their career and making a stable income. The days of a 9-to-5 job as standard are changing. Companies are more dynamic and flexible with their workers and one huge positive about the Pandemic is it has forced employers to trust their employees more. Flexible working hours is becoming the norm and in the field of Technology this has been extended to incorporate contracted work and remote work.

Contracted work and Remote working opportunities have spiked dramatically and RLC Recruitment is at the forefront of this growing trend to provide our candidates with yet more options for employment and our clients with access to a more dynamic and flexible workforce.

Contracted Modern Tech Staff

Often Tech companies sign project agreement contracts and need to ramp up their workforce quickly. These contracts are for a defined number of months with no guarantee of renewal therefore these companies are reluctant to offer full time contracts to employees.

There are Pro’s and Con’s for potential candidates:


Opportunity – There is a shortage of qualified technology staff in Thailand and for those skilled workers there is never lack of opportunity

Salary – Contracted workers are often paid higher to compensate them for the lack of perceived security

Flexibility – As an employee you are not tied down to one company, you may also have the ability to take on additional side projects

Experience – Staff have access to many projects across different companies helping them to become more experienced in different industries

Lack of boredom – There is no regular working pattern, contracts change so does the project

Easier Networking – A way into the companies that you want to work for easier than before


Benefits Package – Often contracted workers are not awarded annual leave and bonuses like full time staff

Impact to Work History – Sometimes people are worried that a short time in one company will reflect badly on their resumes

Lack of Security – Not having a full-time job and if the economy is severely affected it could have a negative impact

Career – Worry about career progression and inability to climb the corporate ladder

Companies use temporary or contract-to-permanent roles for a few main reasons such as try before you buy, vetting of employee skill sets and if the person fits the company culture. If a company believes it needs more staff but can’t justify the headcount, it might use temporary positions to demonstrate the payback to the business. Funds for contract roles often come from a different budget line. Contract or contract-to-permanent positions are sometimes created when a company meets a talented person with key technical or business skills that satisfy an impending need and the firm requires time to define a formal role. In either case, if you are successful or a good fit, you may be hired permanently.

People now have the power to really control their careers. In Thailand there is a very high demand for Tech staff but often not enough qualified candidates. If you are a competent tech person in disciplines such as DevOps, Programming, Software Development, Project Management, Scrum to name a few then you are spoilt for choice.

The employment landscape in Thailand is changing by the days/weeks and months and if you are looking for your next opportunity RLC Recruitment can help.

Best of luck, and for more recruitment tips feel free to visit our LinkedIn page or the RLC website at