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If you can’t overcome “FEAR”, be “Friends” with it!

While spending time with my loved ones watching our favourite TV show, American Ninja Warrior, the question just popped into my head “why are these men who were heavily trained could not pass the race?” Most of the fails happened when they are most fearful and the confidence level is down to zero. We can see it from the athlete’s face whether or not he or she will get through it.

“If you don’t change one day, you will be forced to change and that will not be a joy for you”

This doesn’t just happen in the race but also in our daily lives. Fears stop newbies from learning new experiences, stop a rookie salesperson from making a cold call, stop people to create innovation, and move forward.

Fears happen in all forms. It can be fear of losing the current status, fear of being rejected, fear of failure, or physical fear like the fear of heights, animals, or claustrophobia. This topic was addressed in my freshman sales training manual and in many self-help books as you can see but yet it’s still a challenge to many of us.

As a big fan of Tony Robbins, I was always taught to overcome fear and get rid of it. But it’s never an easy task. I am frightened of heights and found this fact while I was on a cable up in the high mountains in Vietnam. I tried to overcome the feeling, but it is still there. I once thought that I could get rid of it when I joined a trail run, that involved a jump across two high cliff ledges. I jumped safely but my fear was still there!

What happened was, instead of overcoming it, I had another fear that was greater than the fear of the height. It was the fear of doing more work to go all the way back as I was already in the final quarter of the distance. If I decided to quit now, it meant significantly greater effort! So I made friends with one kind of fear to combat the fear that I want to overcome.

At Tony Robbins’ seminar, I had to do the fire-walk and I did! That was not because I overcame fear, but rather my fear of staying in the same state was motivating me to step forward. I decided that I need to be a new person. So I listened to every word Tony said and put them to use! While many people got burnt, I felt warmth on my feet and conquered my fear.

Human nature has created fear as a response to protect us from harm or taking a risk but if it stops us from doing many great things and moving forward, I think it’s time to create an immunity of fear. Discover the greater fears to combat the fear you wish to overcome. It’s time to change. If you don’t change one day, you will be forced to change and that will not be a joy for you. In this difficult time, if you have to be in front of the camera to do more marketing, making calls, meeting new people, develop yourselves, and get out of your comfort zone; think of the fear that can be your immunity. What will happen if you don’t do all these things?