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RLC and Workmate partnership announcement

Introducing the RLC and Workmate Partnership

RLC Recruitment has announced a new Workmate partnership that is aimed at leveraging technology to streamline workforce management processes for its clients in the blue-collar industries.

Workmate is the leading end-to-end blue-collar workforce management platform with an integrated network of reliable workers. Workmate provides businesses with full visibility into their entire workforce through automating hiring, onboarding, scheduling, attendance, and performance reporting processes in one seamless system, while leveraging a qualified network of 50,000+ pre-vetted workers to support recruitment needs.

Using real-time performance data, Workmate equips businesses with the right tools to not only track but also optimize worker behaviour and has helped over 200 enterprise customers in the logistics, warehousing, F&B, and events sectors increase worker retention and productivity. Since founded in 2016, Workmate now has offices across Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia.

RLC Recruitment opened their Thailand office back in 2012 and has since established expertise in recruitment, payroll, and outsourcing services for technical industries such as manufacturing and logistics. As one of the world’s largest alliances of executive search specialists, RLC Recruitment has an extensive global database of candidates and search channels that help clients overcome the challenges associated with doing business in South East Asia.

End To End Processes

As a result of this partnership, RLC Recruitment clients will now have access to the Workmate platform to automate all end-to-end processes to manage their workforce. This partnership enables RLC Recruitment to extend the value chain for customers– drawing upon RLC Recruitment’s expertise in technical recruitment, and the efficiencies to be gained from managing a workforce through Workmate’s platform.

By onboarding their workers onto the Workmate platform, clients can now have visibility into their entire workforce across multiple locations and positions, powered by automated shift scheduling, time and attendance tracking, and real-time analytics dashboards that make workforce management processes easy and accurate.

The First In Thailand

As the first certified partner for Workmate in the Thailand region, RLC Recruitment is fully equipped and trained to onboard customers onto the workforce management platform. “We are thrilled to partner with RLC to further support their large client network in the region. RLC has had extensive experience in the manufacturing and logistics ecosystem, with customers whom we believe can truly benefit from our workforce management platform,” said Martin Sorensen, CEO of Workmate Thailand.

RLC Recruitment and workmate partnership announcement 2021

The Workmate Partnership with RLC

This partnership will also allow RLC clients to leverage Workmate’s integrated worker network to source additional qualified blue-collar workers to fill gaps in their workforce. Workmate uses real historical employment and performance data to match the right workers for that job. “Joining forces with Workmate is the right move for our growth, not only for their technology that optimizes a lot of manual workforce management processes- but also because of their integrated network of blue-collar staff. This closes the missing gap that our clients need in order to really maximize productivity in their day-to-day operations,” commented Richard Jackson, Executive Director and Co-Founder of RLC Recruitment.