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RLC’s Shweta Menon has become Thailand’s newest AESC-Certified Recruiter

RLC Recruitment is among only a handful of agencies in Thailand with an AESC-certified recruiter on its team. Shweta Menon, an associate consultant with RLC, recently completed the coursework for AESC’s Certificate in Executive Research, an internationally recognized credential.


Ms. Shweta Menon. RLC Associate Consultant & AESC-Certified Recruiter

Shweta joined RLC 3 years ago as a newly minted university graduate. She started off as a researcher, gained promotion to senior researcher, then worked her way up to a consultant position.

“I love it, it’s my first job after finishing my bachelor’s degree,” says Shweta. “I am learning every day. There’s always something interesting going on.”

Shweta was not specifically looking for a job in recruitment, but RLC executives and staff won her over during the interview process: “I resonated with this company because it is ‘people-centric’. Everyone talked about developing my potential. They had a vision for me.”

Today, Shweta works with the Business Services Team. She oversees various positions in Supply Chain, Accounting, Finance, and HR. Shweta is keen on building her network and expertise in executive–level search.

Shweta has a sophisticated understanding of Supply Chain end–to–end processes, making her especially well-suited to assist large European and Western–based multinational companies looking to expand in Southeast Asia.


“We are always on the lookout for opportunities to improve our team. The AESC Executive Research course is perfect for someone like Shweta, who is hungry, talented, and eager to learn.” – Richard Jackson


She has learned quickly at RLC that a personal touch can help forge lasting relationships with both clients and candidates.

“Our company values its staff; they believe in you and trust you,” Shweta says. “This is ultimately reflected in the high standard of service we provide to our clients.”

Shweta’s proudest recruiting moment came when she was able to help an expat with a Thai family who faced an uncertain future.

“This candidate was going through a difficult situation. He had been unemployed a long time and was about to move back to his home country. He was desperate to stay in Thailand,” she says. “Then he got the job with our client that changed his life.”

The recruiting business can be an intimidating environment for new graduates, especially because compensation depends upon performance. But Shweta says that RLC welcomed her and provided the guidance and resources a young recruiter needs to establish herself.

Co-Founder and General Manager Richard Jackson noticed Shweta’s potential and identified her as a candidate for additional executive-level search training.

“We are always on the lookout for opportunities to improve our team.

The AESC Executive Research course is perfect for someone like Shweta, who is hungry, talented, and eager to learn,” Richard says. “Shweta naturally possesses the advanced EQ skills that are required to become a top–rated headhunter.”

“Our company values its staff; they believe in you and trust you. This is ultimately reflected in the high standard of service we provide to our clients.” – Shweta Menon


RLC Recruitment is part of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC), a global association that has set quality standards for the profession since 1959. Cornerstone is a member of the AESC, and RLC Recruitment has been the owner-operated representative for Cornerstone in Thailand since 2015.

Currently, Cornerstone has 240 consultants operating in 70 offices, in nearly 50 countries around the world. AESC members range from large global executive search and leadership consulting firms to regional and boutique firms, representing more than 16,000 professionals worldwide.

This is the second professional certification course Shweta has completed with help from RLC. She also holds a CIPD qualification (from the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development), a global standard for recruitment that is sought after in Europe.

Shweta says it was a valuable experience, where trainees learned the international professional standards of executive recruitment search, through the AESC-Certified Recruiter process.

“We need to be very careful when recruiting for high-level positions. We have to consider a lot of factors,” Shweta explains.

“Most recruiters will approach assignments with a very client-centric approach,” she adds. “While understandable, this can lead to a focus on technical skills and mismanagement of candidates’ expectations in order to fill a job order at any cost. The training I have received and my experience at RLC has taught me that listening carefully to the candidate’s desired career path and using my judgment to gauge the correct vector in combination with the client’s mandate is the key to unlocking long-term win-win outcomes.”

A native of India, Shweta’s family moved to Thailand 14 years ago after living in Malaysia and Myanmar. Shweta has an intimate understanding of what executive candidates are going through as they consider packing up and moving their families to a different country for a new job because of her experience making multiple international moves during her childhood.



AESC’s Certificate in Executive Research is an essential credential for those looking to strengthen and more effectively implement their executive research and candidate development skills.

The multi-format program offers an array of learning opportunities for participants and covers the fundamentals of executive research. From name generation to pitching to qualifying candidates, develop core skills that will enhance your ability to succeed.


RLC Recruitment recognizes the importance of constantly developing our core skills, knowledge transfer and long-term investment of our team. As a member of the AESC, we regularly enroll RLC Recruitment staff to pursue certifications in various fields from an Executive search to the latest trends in the business.

We at RLC recruitment seek to earn industry-recognized credentials such as AESC-Certified Recruiter, enhancing our ability to succeed in an ever-developing & competitive market and developing our core executive research skills.


 RLC Recruitment, Co. Ltd. Thailand –  September 2019 / กันยายน 2562