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With its cost-effective and adaptive workforce and relatively open economy, Thailand has become the Southeast Asian hub for technical and engineering businesses. But situating your business here can be a challenge, particularly relocating top executives or finding local executive candidates with the right skills to meet your needs.

RLC's Executive Search services are customised to your needs. Our consultants have exceptional industry knowledge and local networks to identify high-level candidates with the skill sets, emotional intelligence, and leadership skills you need to drive your business forward. We can support you whether you are looking for one targeted hire, or looking to build an entire department.

If you are looking for your next leaders across Bangkok and Thailand we can help.

Our sector expertise

Our hiring process

Stage 1

Our expert consultants align with you to define the profile of your ideal candidate, focusing on the job specification, key competencies and success criteria. Then we compare your requirements to the current market, putting together a list of potential candidates to target. By looking at the technical skill sets you need from your executives, the resilience, leadership and culture you're looking for we ensure we only present you with executive candidates that truly meet your needs.

Stage 2

After providing you with an update on our initial candidate dialogues we put together a shortlist of high-calibre candidates that meet your specifications using rigorous assessments and cutting-edge technology. The quality of our selection process and the detail of our screening ensures this is an efficient and thorough process for you. We also structure and oversee the interview and referencing process.

Stage 3

Finally, we provide detailed candidate reports based on an analysis of professionalism and personality that allow you to make your final candidate selection. We assist you in putting together an attractive remuneration package. Our assistance continues post-hire through comprehensive onboarding coaching so your new hire can acclimate to their new role and you see productivity from the get go.

Matching you with the perfect talent

As a leading technical recruitment agency in Thailand, we can match you with executive talent across the manufacturing, logistics, life sciences, infrastructure, and digital technology industries. Discover top calibre executives with the skills and leadership abilities you need to succeed. Trust RLC to find your company's next generation of leaders.

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Rhenus Logistics Co., Ltd.

RLC Recruitment understands the logistics business. The company’s excellent network and consultative approach has ensured it is a vital business partner for our growth in Thailand & SE Asia. RLC’s groundbreaking RaaS solution has revolutionised our talent acquisition strategy. Having ongoing access to the full range of the RLC team’s experience means we can always get the right solution.

East-West Seed International Limited

I have been working with RLC both as a candidate and a client.

RLC Recruitment has a distinctive approach to executive search: they strive to to understand both the client’s and candidates’ cultures, expectations and motivations by establishing a close personal relationship with all parties. RLC genuinely cares for a mutually beneficial outcome. Besides, I was personally always impressed by the follow up post placement. I warmly recommend RLC Recruitment as a very reliable and professional partner in executive search.

Cushman & Wakefield Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Since becoming our approved recruitment partner, RLC has has consistently impressed me with their holistic approach to recruitment and HR support. The consultants are always quick to respond and their specialist understanding of our industry ensures we were able to quickly hire candidates with the right fit for our business. RLC ask the right questions and look to add value at every stage of the process.

It is my pleasure to recommend RLC Recruitment to any company looking for professional recruitment support in Thailand.

Lumentum International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

As our company grows in Asia and especially in Thailand, it has been a true customer experience to work with RLC Recruitment whilst going through the process of searching, filtering and appointing a senior executive.

RLC Recruitment was able to quickly understand our needs very precisely, mainly because of their experience and practical understanding of the roles. We have a very successful partnership with RLC Recruitment on all our professional opportunities in line with our strategy of growth.

RLC Recruitment is able to take a lot of the heavy lifting from our shoulders to allow us to focus on the needs of the business in order to get the right mix of talent either locally or from their worldwide network.

As we move forward in our growth model, RLC Recruitment will be in step with us, advising and supporting our challenges in executive recruitment.

Stanley Black & Decker Inc

RLC Recruitment has helped Stanley Black & Decker fill several key engineering positions in Thailand over the last few years. RLC’s attention to detail, their understanding of our business needs and their access to excellent candidates has made them a key partner to the development and growth of our business.

DB Schenker

I have worked with RLC Recruitment for a number of years and during this time they have successfully identified several key people for our company from middle management to executive Country & Cluster leadership

As one of the leading global logistics providers, we require employees with a combination of multicultural skillsets, languages and attitudes. RLC’s network of local Thai and expatriate logistics professionals in SE Asia is exceptional and allows them to access candidates with specific technical skillsets when required. They are experts in their field and this market knowledge empowers their recruitment support.

RLC Recruitment has a very personal and friendly approach to business and offer a supportive, motivating and highly professional service. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others looking for recruitment support.

Datapath Ltd

We have worked with RLC for recruiting senior sales roles to cover Southeast Asia, our engagements are always smoothly and successfully executed.

On each occasion, RLC impressed us with their responsiveness, professionalism, speed, pragmatism, transparency, and general ‘ease of working together’ throughout the process – from understanding our business and our target candidate profile, identifying and introducing appropriate candidates, arranging interviews and ‘backchannel’ liaising with candidates, and appropriately advising on expectations and next best steps. 

I would not hesitate to work with RLC for any future recruitment needs, and can confidently recommend RLC to anyone seeking recruitment services in the region.

KSB Pumps CO. Ltd.

I have worked with RLC Recruitment for over eight years, whilst leading two different technology companies. Throughout this time, RLC has demonstrated experience and domain knowledge from support staff to front line technical and commercial leadership. We look forward to continuing a long-term partnership with RLC Recruitment.

Diversey Holdings, Ltd.

 When operating in the Thailand job market with 0.5% unemployment rates and millennials dominating the work space, having a reliable recruitment partner is paramount to the success of any business. That’s what we found in RLC Recruitment. 

RLC Recruitment spent time understanding the nuances of our business and the requirements for each job and they were able to provide us with good quality candidates, almost instantly. This is especially true for mid to senior level jobs. It’s a pleasure working with this team that blossoms everyday under Richard’s leadership.

DB Schenker
Rhenus Logistics
Schneider Electric

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Your RLC consultant will spend time understanding your unique business requirements to ensure we only shortlist candidates who we believe to be perfect for your role. Through tested methodologies, interviews, and assessments we identify talented executives who will drive your business forward.

Our executive search consultants have access to:
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  • Extensive in-house database of executive candidates
  • Wide-ranging local networks

Hiring advice and insights

Is Your CV Strong Enough to Secure Your Next Role? How to Improve Your CV
Is Your CV Strong Enough to Secure Your Next Role? How to Improve Your CV

Digital transformations and changes to the way businesses work across Thailand have deeply affected the skills and competencies employers are on the hunt for in candidates. Employers are looking for highly-skilled candidates with technical skills and competencies but what those technical skills involve is changing. Looking beyond technical ability, to be a top candidate you should also be demonstrating in-demand soft skills, emotional intelligence and inter-cultural sensitivity, to boost your resume.In-demand skills to boost your resumeFuture employers in the technical, engineering, manufacturing and logistics sectors in Thailand are looking for highly-motivated candidates with leadership abilities and a creative mindset. As a candidate, you need to be a well-rounded individual who not only has excellent technical ability but possesses strong soft skills too. Here are five of the top in-demand skills sought by employers in the current market you should be demonstrating :1. Leadership skillsHaving leadership ability is crucial if you are looking for senior level roles, however, they are also highly sought after by employers whatever your role. Employers are looking for individuals at every level who lead by example, foster a sense of community culture and are inspired by the company vision.There are leadership resources available, such as books and online courses, but you can take steps in your current role to practice your leadership skills. Put yourself forward to lead a project, find a leadership mentor, and practice active listening and problem solving.2. Intercultural intelligence Employers in the engineering and technical industries in Thailand are generally looking for candidates with a good, demonstrable English skills, particularly business English at senior levels to help to facilitate overseas business. But beyond an understanding of English top candidates demonstrating inter-cultural intelligence and empathy skills will be highly sought after. Intercultural intelligence is the ability to bridge cultural divides and avoid misunderstandings and miscommunications that may affect business outcomes. High levels of intercultural intelligence and empathy are crucial in today’s global business world. You can demonstrate intercultural intelligence to employers by discussing times you have worked cross-culturally and your experiences of other cultures.3. Self-motivationEmployers want candidates who are proven self-starters, who are passionate, motivated to take on tasks and who are willing to invest time in their own development. You can show this by being proactive in seeking out challenges and anticipating important tasks as well as demonstrating that you have independently worked on your skills.4. Innovation & creativity Businesses across the technological and manufacturing sectors are seeking candidates who can solve problems creatively and come up with innovative products and solutions. Broaden your knowledge, analyse products and applications you interact with daily and brainstorm solutions and ideas to improve them.5. Unlearning!In the modern business world change is rapid. Whether it is changes to market conditions, unforeseen global events or technological advances our skills can rapidly become outdated and replaced with new ways of working. Top candidates need to demonstrate that they are aware of advancements, keep on top of trends and have the ability to manage rapid transitions and new methodologies.You can show this in your CV by giving examples of new skills you have developed, that you are aware of industry trends and are active in your community and that you have experience of managing change and keeping teams aligned and moving forward in your current role.How to improve a CVBut how can you identify any areas where you need to upskill to ensure that you have the skills employers want? And how can you make sure your skills and abilities come across to hiring managers and employers?Take the following steps to ensure you have the skills employers want and that those skills are showcased in an eye-catching CV:Compare your current skills against industry requirementsTake a quick look at the descriptions and requirements for jobs similar to your current role, or for your dream position, and compare what employers are looking for with your skill set. You can also look at industry trends to see what skills will be in demand going forward. This will show you what skills you already have, any areas need to focus on and give you a benchmark of excellence to work towards.Identify areas you can upskill inOnce you know what skills are in high demand in your industry and where your current skills are sitting, you can prioritise areas you want to work on. You may not have the time or resources to address every skill at once but choose one or two to focus on.Customize your CV based on the job description It may seem time consuming to adjust your CV for every application you submit. But taking the time to pick out key phrases, competencies and power words from the job description will help your CV stand out and show you fully understand what the employer is looking for and how you fit that brief.Summarize your skills and key accomplishmentsThe average hiring manager spends 6-7 seconds looking at a resume. That’s right, seconds! This means you must get their attention quickly. Start your CV with a quick summary of your skills, technical abilities, and accomplishments to grab their attention. Make sure that you put any skills and keywords from the job description here too.Focus on resultsDon’t just list responsibilities. Emphasise your successes with quantifiable results and data. For example: Led a team of ten employees and implemented new work management software that led to an increase in efficiency and a 20% increase in sales revenue. Highlight your personal developmentFocus on what you have learned from your past positions and show how you have advanced your skills and experience through self-motivated personal development. This shows your commitment to your development and willingness to learn new skills.Show your industry insight and connectionsDemonstrating that you are familiar with industry news, trends and changes will show employers you have industry knowledge and an interest in your sector. By showing your networking ability you show valuable communication skills.Find your next job in the technical industries with RLCAre you ready to take advantage of the current market and find your next role in the technical industries? Maybe you're looking to take on more responsibility and progress your career?There are many reasons to consider looking for a new job, why not check out our most recent vacancies and start your journey?Find your new role today.

6 Reasons Why Now Is the Time to Get A New Job in Thailand
6 Reasons Why Now Is the Time to Get A New Job in Thailand

If you’ve spent a fair amount of time in your current job, then you probably can’t imagine yourself working for another company. As time goes by, it becomes harder and harder for you to figure out when the right time is to make a switch in your career. However, taking the next step at the right time can lead you to increased compensation, greater career progression, and several other benefits. It's time to get a new job in Thailand!With that said, it can be hard to figure out when the “right time” is. For many people, the question of “should I stay, or should I go?” is one of the hardest questions they can answer. In this article, we’re going to help you determine if you should consider taking the next step in your career.When should you look for a new job? Six signs it’s time to find a new role:Determining whether or not it's time to take the next step in your career is hard. After all, having a stable job is very comfortable and comes with a lot of benefits, so why consider leaving in the first place? While that is a completely valid argument, there are times when you might need to look for a new job to bring yourself new career progression opportunities, a better working environment, and even a higher salary.So, if you feel like you’re on the edge and aren’t quite sure whether or not you should start looking for a new role, we have six signs that it’s time for you to start looking for a new job.1. Your current role lacks progression opportunitiesIt’s always important to look to the future and know what your next step is going to be. Making consistent steps in your career over the years is the key to reaching your professional goals. So, if you see that your current career doesn’t offer enough options for progression, that alone is a big sign that you should leave and seek a new role.This doesn’t mean that your current employer is bad. Rather, it means that you have given your employer everything you have to offer and it’s time for the next step forward. The consultants at RLC Asia are experts in connecting candidates looking for development opportunities with employers that have a culture of investment in their employee’s and who offer excellent skills training.2. You're being paid less than you're worth in the current marketOne thing to keep in mind about the jobs market in Thailand is that it goes through constant changes - and that often impacts the salary professionals within their respective fields are compensated.If you’ve been working in your current role for a while, you are probably much better at your job but have also capped out your career progression within the company. And while that’s good - it doesn’t mean that you’re being paid what the current market can offer you.As a result of that, every now and again, it’s worth checking out the salary range that you could potentially secure in the current market, and if your current job isn’t paying as well, that is a big sign to start looking for a new role.3. You haven't learnt a new skill or technology in the last 6 monthsStagnation at the workplace is one of the worst phases an employee can ever go through. And if you haven’t learned a new skill or how to use a new piece of technology relevant to your industry recently - then you should probably leave your current employer and seek a new and more challenging working environment that will help you grow as a professional.If you are looking for roles in your industry that will challenge you and help you grow in your chosen profession then a specialist recruiter can help. At RLC Asia our consultants listen to what you want, expect and need from your job role and use our industry connections and experience to match you with employers that offer exciting opportunities.4. Your current role disrupts your work-life balance causing stress or burnoutIt’s important to keep your work life and personal life in balance. If you believe that you can’t stop thinking about work and the job is becoming too stressful for you, you risk burning out. Burnout can lead to a lot of health problems and could be a sign that you need to take a step back and reconsider your career.Your job may have felt fine at the start. But if you were slowly given more responsibilities that are getting in the way of your personal life, then there’s nothing wrong with leaving your job for something better.5. Your skills are in high demand right nowIf you find that your skills are in-demand, there’s a high chance another employer would compensate you much better and offer better benefits in exchange for your skills compared to your current employer. As mentioned earlier, the job market is constantly changing, and if you’ve been in the same job for a while, it’s worth doing some research and seeing if the demand for professionals in your industry has increased. And if it has, that might be one sign that you should look for a new job.If you have skills that are in high demand from employers it can be difficult to sort through opportunities and find those most relevant to your skills, experience, and expectations. A specialist recruiter such as RLC Asia can do that for you meaning you only spend time applying for roles that are right for you. 6. There are more opportunities to progress your career as technical industries expandSometimes, taking a step away from your current employer is the right decision if you want to progress. Manufacturing, engineering, digital, automotive and many other industries are on the rise right now in Thailand, which opens the doors to many different opportunities. And if you feel like you can succeed in these emerging industries, you might want to consider taking the next step in your career.What is the average time to find a new job?Even with all these emerging industries, it can take a while to find the right job. In our experience, it can take a person an average of three to six months to land a new job, even if they have the skills, experience, and qualifications for it.But there are ways to make it easier.Instead of finding all these companies and employers yourself, you can submit your qualifications and preferences to a recruiter. From there, the recruiter will find potential matches for you, so you won’t have to spend your time looking for your next job.Find your next job in the technical industries with RLCAre you ready to take advantage of the current market and find your next role in the technical industries? Maybe you're looking to take on more responsibility and progress your career?There are many reasons to consider looking for a new job, why not check out our most recent vacancies and start your journey?Find your new role today.

To Survive and Thrive, We Must Specialise, Specialist Recruitment
To Survive and Thrive, We Must Specialise, Specialist Recruitment

Why RLC is a Specialist Recruitment Agency? Since our founding eight years ago, we’ve worked extremely hard at RLC to build our brand and establish a reputation as a niche recruitment agency that punches way above its weight.The key to our success is no secret: in a word, it’s Specialisation.Companies with significant Engineering, Manufacturing, or Supply Chain operations in Thailand know that RLC, as a Specialist Recruitment Agency, consistently finds the most talented and motivated candidates for positions that require a high degree of technical expertise: from high-potential engineers to CXOs, and everything in-between.The Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, Food/Agribusiness, and CG/Pharmaceutical industries have been our bread-and-butter for the past decade.Why do we remain so laser-focused on our technical niche?Why is RLC a specialist agency? Well, the answer is:“Because of necessity.”For example, in the UK, where I am from, there are more than 40,000 recruitment agencies. It’s a more developed market, with a granular level of expertise. In London, you could have a successful two-person agency that specializes in HGV drivers … or replacement engineers for day contracts … or short-term relief nurses for a particular type of hospital.Even though there may only be several hundred candidates to contact for any of those jobs in a particular region, a single company can manage it. Clients in this niche market know which agency to call; they know which agency will have ready-and-able candidates, and all the candidates know which recruiting company specializes in their particular field.With a highly specialized recruitment model, the hit rate is virtually 100 percent, and it works for everybody. Candidates know that if they come to you, they are guaranteed to find work with an agent they can trust. Clients depend on efficient service: with a Specialist Recruitment Agency, the results and delivery times are more predictable. As a result, costs are reduced. Agency fees can be lower because consultants are not wasting much time looking for the right candidates.Compare this to Thailand, where there are only 1,200 registered agencies.The biggest ones, the generalist recruitment agencies, dominate the market.Let’s say a motivated consultant for one of the big, umbrella-style agencies closes 20 percent of his or her mandates. That’s not an unusual hit rate for non-exclusive, contingent assignments. The agency can get by with that relatively low success rate. But that also means the consultant has to work five roles hard, to make just one placement. They have to work a lot harder to reach their targets.That’s a big waste of resources and energy, especially in a market where multiple contingency agencies are all jockeying to fill the same roles for the same companies. Ultimately it is the clients which are paying for all that time and energy, and it’s time and energy that does not contribute to a tangible result: four out of the five candidates being pursued are not going to work out.The current environmentIn the current environment, job orders come in at an unpredictable rate. So the large generalist agencies will sell their service at whatever price it takes to attract the client. In many instances, the clients choose the agent who offers the lowest cost.But here’s the rub: the recruitment company never commits their best resources to projects that yield the lowest returns. Clients often think they’ve got a big global agency with massive resources being harnessed to fulfill their HR needs, but the behemoth recruitment agencies generally aren’t putting their top consultants on these jobs.The actual performance and resultsIt’s important to remember that in our business, low fees generally equate to low performance. The ad hoc approach of the big generalist agencies means that because of the nature of the business, the client has unwittingly taken a crapshoot. The actual performance and results the big agency provides will be unpredictable — regardless of how many consultants the agency has on its payroll. It essentially comes down to whether the consultant at the bottom of the corporate hierarchy, who is tasked with doing the search, is any good.I call that a non-strategic approach. A strategic client — whether their business is just starting out, or expanding its global footprint – is better off seeking the help of a specialist Recruitment Agency with a proven track record of relevant specialization.The ultimate goal should be to forge a sustainable, mutually beneficial, and long-term partnership.

5 Tips, How to Get the Best Results from a Recruitment Partner
5 Tips, How to Get the Best Results from a Recruitment Partner

We are seeing a massive influx of jobs that need to be filled in the first quarter of 2022, and I do not see this trend slowing down anytime soon. This means that candidates have more choices, increasing their power and leverage in the marketplace. Now, more than ever, it is essential for companies with staffing needs to have a long-term strategic recruitment partner. With the job market in a state of flux, these 5 tips will help you to get the best out of a recruitment agency, and ensure that you are receiving a true value for the money invested.1. FlexibilityMy clients often tell me that that traditional big recruitment agencies are just not getting the job done anymore. One of the greatest benefits of working with a boutique agency like RLC is that we provide a more customised service to fit your specific needs.This customised service includes a more hands-on approach: flexible terms, adapting recruitment methods (one size does not fit all), a more tailored way of presenting candidates, and a more personalised style. In a word, flexibility.With a more flexible approach, RLC Recruitment provides a more innovative solution for your hiring needs2. Deeper Market InsightsIf your preferred candidate declines a position with your company, do you know the reason why?Do you understand the latest salary market trends?Are you searching for a candidate with a highly technical, specialised skill set that is hard to find?Do you want to know what your competition is doing to get the inside track?By working with a trusted recruitment partner like RLC, you will get answers to all these questions.Bigger recruitment companies often struggle to provide this sort of detailed intel due to the sheer volume of work they take on, and because of a bureaucratic culture with various levels of seniority that must be navigated in order to do business. A smaller firm will spend more time working face-to-face with their clients: this is why we deliver more valuable intelligence.3. Core ValuesAt RLC Recruitment our core values are Integrity, Innovation, and Reliability.We are always forthright and transparent with our clients about the searches we conduct on their behalf. If a client wants to know how we executed a search, we will share all of our related market intelligence.We provide upfront feedback about any challenges we encounter; we don’t shy away from uncomfortable truths.We won’t walk away from an assignment if it becomes more difficult than anticipated. Instead, we collaborate more deeply with our clients to overcome any hurdles that arise, and implement necessary changes. This nimble approach is the great advantage of working with small-to-midsize agencies. Nobody gets it right 100 percent of the time: we are pleased whenever a client shares constructive criticism, so we can improve and evolve.4. Personal TouchAs previously mentioned, at RLC Recruitment we love to add a personal touch to what we do. As consultants, of course it is important to share resumes with our clients — but equally important, we provide valuable feedback.We routinely provide our clients and partners with detailed recommendations on company fit, potential culture clashes, guidance on compensation packages, transparent timelines, and onboarding assistance.5. Going Beyond RecruitmentAt RLC, we aim to become our clients’ trusted partner. To do this we go beyond traditional recruitment support, with a broad spectrum of HR Consultancy services.This includes Payroll, Outsourcing, Training, Consultancy, Workforce Management tools, Innovative Learning Platforms, Blue Collar Technology Hiring Tools, 360 PDPA compliant Referencing Tools, Legal Guidance and more. To learn more please check out our website at www.rlc-asia.com.

Jobseekers Need to be Fluent in ESG
Jobseekers Need to be Fluent in ESG

During the hiring process, engineers and technical professionals need to demonstrate expertise in math and science. English skills are also important.To make the final cut for the next wave of economic growth, they must also be fluent in ‘ESG’.If you’re not familiar with the term, ESG stands for Environmental, Social, & Governance. Multinational companies are highly sensitive to public perceptions of their environmental and social policies, and ethical corporate governance.Sustainability, transparency, racial and gender equity are more important than ever to investors, stakeholders, social and environmental groups. The Stock Exchange of Thailand requires all listed companies to issue annual sustainability reports. With investment firms paying close attention to sustainability issues, a negative ESG rating can really affect the bottom line.Here in Thailand, NetZero – the global initiative to address global warming by reducing carbon dioxide emissions – is a centrepiece of PTT and Banpu’s corporate policies. The oil and coal giants insist that sustainability will be the key to a successful reboot of the economy. And they’re not alone.As we bounce back from the global covid slowdown, global industries are seizing this moment to pledge their commitment to ESG, to reset and re-evaluate priorities.HR departments are responding to the ESG initiative. A new type of employee profile is emerging, in keeping with ESG and NetZero policies. HR is looking for candidates who can help make manufacturing and refining processes more environmentally friendly. This is reflected in a new set of interview questions that candidates must be prepared to answer.Recently, I was involved in recruiting management trainees for a big retail company. Some of the questions they asked: How will you make products for consumers who want to make an environmentally friendly choice? How would you reduce waste in the company? What activities have you participated in your hometown to improve the quality of life?Employee attitudes towards ESG are increasingly important. I advise university students, fresh graduates, and junior-level professionals to be active with environmental organisations, volunteer for cleanup activities, even take some environmental studies courses.Candidates should be prepared to answer interview questions about reducing waste and emissions, recycling plastic, and energy efficiency. They may be asked what they have done personally to help clean up the environment, or to live more sustainably.It is important to HR that new hires not only have the technical ability for Industry 4.0, but that they are also good brand ambassadors for the company’s ESG profile.

How to make a strong impression in your job interview
How to make a strong impression in your job interview

8 Tips from Alexander Grant, RLC’s Director of RecruitmentThe interview can make-or-break your career: it often determines whether you get the job or not.Some candidates feel so much pressure, it can affect their ability to perform. If you are prepared, understand the interview process and psychology of an interview, you can relax and put your best foot forward.Today, the majority of interviews are remote; this calls for a slightly different approach than when it’s a face-to-face interaction. These 8 tips will help you make the best impression on a prospective employer:1 – If you’re not a native speaker,be sure to polish up your English language skills before logging in to the initial recruitment interview. Take 15-20 minutes to read some articles, and practice English to encourage your brain to start thinking in your second language. If you don’t meet a certain level of English ability, you won’t get past the recruiter, and the employer will never get to meet you. If the recruiter is experienced, they will give you guidance on this point.2 – Do your homework.It’s important to demonstrate an interest and understanding of the company you wish to work for. Research their business, browse their social media. Take notes and use some of this material when you introduce yourself: Say what you like about the company, explain what you can contribute to a specific project or initiative. Talk about how your passions line up with the company’s goals and business culture. This will show that you are not only qualified, but you are also actually interested in joining the team. This should be done even if you are unsure that you want to join the company before meeting them. My advice here is: “You never know what can happen so always be prepared.”3 – Quantify your value to the company.Provide the employer with a clear ROI. This will demonstrate that you know your value to an organisation, and can communicate it convincingly. This does not only apply for sales staff, this is for any position. What can you bring to the company which is of value ?4 – Prepare and ask questions.Don’t be shy about asking for more information. You cannot afford any uncertainty before making a career change. Your questions should not be about the compensation package – they should be more about onboarding, training, teammates, challenges, expectations, targets, and career path.5 – Ask the interviewerWhat they enjoy most about working at the company, and also ask what they find the most challenging or difficult.6 – Express gratitude for being considered for the position.Even if this is not your dream job, it helps to be appreciative: you never know where this connection may lead in the future.7 – If you are working with a recruiter,Try to avoid discussing compensation directly with the prospective employer; that’s what we’re here for. A good recruiter should be able to guide you on what is realistic and how to manage this part of the process. You should appear more interested in the job and the company rather than the salary. This is where the psychology of recruitment comes into play.8 – Inquire about the next steps in the hiring process.Ask how long it will be until you hear back from the employer; who you will meet with next if you pass to the next round; and find out how the employer will decide whether you will be granted a second interview – or offered the job!By following these tips you will be in the best position to succeed. Although competition amongst employers in securing talent is more competitive than ever, employers are being cautious before making a great offer. The interview is your opportunity to impress.For more guidance and information, please don’t be shy: reach out to me directly on LinkedIn.